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Say goodbye to your packing problems and hello to Scrunch! 

Travelling with children is challenging enough without trying to fit all their rigid plastic toys, inflated balls and long fishing nets into a small suitcase… so we’ve designed Scrunch!

Squash them into your pocket, squish them into your bag!

Our products are designed to be rolled, folded and squashed meaning they can be carried on even the wildest adventures.

Perfect for camping or caravanning, boating or biking.

Perfectly proportioned products with many uses to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end!

Fold it, Fling it, Fly it. Play with our Scrunch frisbee anywhere.

  • Easy to store – take it on the road or stow at home
  • Washable – easy to keep clean
  • Durable – it’ll hold its shape and fold up too
The Scrunch Frisbee is a fantastically floppy outdoor accessory that can be squished, squashed, bent, folded and rolled up without ever losing shape. Tactile and soft to touch, Scrunch Frisbees are made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone and are perfect for the beach or garden. Not your average frisbee, the Scrunch Frisbee wont take up any room in your luggage and is a must-have holiday-item. Made from a super graspable material that is easy for little hands to grip and throw. Available in a variety of colours. Age 3+ years.
100% soft recyclable silicone foldable Flyer. 180mm diameter. Ideal for packing on holiday.