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Absolutely indispensable buckets for nuts, olives, some dressing, a little snack … or whatever you need. They come in a net with 12 lovely small buckets in assorted colors and shapes. Super practical for both you and the kids’ lunches and they fit perfectly with all our other storage products.

The nice small practical buckets are indispensable in everyday life and can also easily be used for other things than food. They are also brilliant at keeping track of things like pearls and other nips. If you also love colorful and functional storage, check out all our other products in this category. Of course, they can be mixed and matched …. the sky is the limit, and the possibilities are endless… The buckets are dishwasher proof, but we recommend the lids to be washed by hand. At RICE, we focus on food safety and sustainability, and our highest quality plastics are recyclable and free of bisphenol A and phthalates – we love the material and its endless possibilities… You can always find more information about our materials under “Experience RICE” & “Product information”. *Product information may be subject to errors, changes, or sold out items.


We have different types of plastic products in our collection: storage boxes, floor mats, various food boxes, party items, and more.

Plastic food containers

Food boxes, containers, food keepers and plastic boxes… it goes by many names! The RICE kitchen plastic range is a popular selection of cute, little, funky-shaped food keepers, food storage boxes, and bowls with practical lids.

All of our plastic products intended for food and beverages are tested food safe and meet the requirements of Danish and EU laws and regulations…

All plastic products intended for food and beverages are free from phthalates and BPA. This means that you can safely use all these products for your kids… and for everyone else!

Plastic and melamine

In our product range, we have both plastic and melamine products… Even though food-related plastic products and melamine products are not made from the same material, all of our products made from both plastic and melamine are food safe and free from BPA.

There are only a few precautions you should take to get the most out of your plastic products:

  • Most plastic products for food are suitable for the microwave – but be sure to check the product before putting it in the microwave… It is
    clearly stated on each product
  • Over time plastic might fade and obtain a matte finish… if it starts to crack – be sure to discard the product
  • Most lids for food storage boxes are not dishwasher safe – be sure to check the product before putting it in the dish washer

Please know…
For our plastic mats, we use plastic made from 100% recycled plastic.